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What is a professional teeth whitening?

Discover what a professional treatment for whitening teeth is and how they differ from the external one.

Professional bleaching and Laser Dentistry manhattan can only be carried out by a qualified dental professional: the dentist. Professional dental whitening in the medical consultation can be external or internal.

If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry manhattan information or talking with a specialist on this subject, you may see or hear different names regarding these two types of whitening:

• On one hand, external whitening is also known as vital whitening, since your teeth retain all the nerves and it is not a mere filling due to a previous duct treatment.
• On the other, internal whitening is called non-vital treatment Laser Whitening manhattan


Several dental problems can affect the results. For example, decay must be treated before teeth are bleached. This is because the process can pass through the decayed areas and reach the inner parts of the tooth, leading to a worsening of the situation.

If your gums have receded, the exposed roots of the teeth may appear of a certain yellow or discolored color. In this case, the whitening products will not have a positive effect.

If you suffer from either of these two cases or any other problem or oral or dental disease, bleaching can make your teeth more sensitive. The consultation with your dentist will be more necessary than ever.

What should be taken into account before starting?

The Pediatric Dentist manhattan and dentist will carefully examine your teeth and try to find out the causes of the staining. Then proceed to perform a thorough oral cleaning. This will remove the film of bacteria, food and other substances that accumulate in the teeth and contribute to discoloration. Once this step is completed, the procedure starts.

External professional Dental Whitening manhattan

In external whitening, your dentist will make rubber moulds that completely fit your denture. You should protect your gums with a rubber protector before applying the gel. Remember that this type of procedure will be more effective than any treatment received on your own.

Normally, the dentist will give you some tubes of bleaching gland instructions to continue the procedure at home, if necessary. You may need to apply the gel several more times and for a certain time.

It will depend on the instructions of your dentist and the product used. It can vary from thirty minutes to an entire night. The results will be seen after one or several weeks. It is possible that your dentist prefers to perform the entire process in his office. For this, several appointments of between 30 to 90 minutes will be necessary.

Your dentist may also offer other services, such as the laser bleaching. The laser is used to accelerate the process by reacting with the product previously applied to your denture.

However, Professional Teeth Whitening manhattan is a particular procedure still unleashes a lot of controversy, since there is still very little scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness. In addition, its long-term side effect must be analyzed, as it can be harmful to your teeth.

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